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My journey in math started as an K-8 Elementary Teacher, then a Middle School Math Teacher with additional roles as a Math Coach and a Math Mentor.  The past seven years I worked as an Educational Math Consultant supporting 39 school districts.   As an Educational Consultant, I hosted several national math authors and speakers including John San Giovanni, Sandra Atkins, Graham Fletcher,  & Ann Elise Record.  I am also a passionate learner and my favorite podcasters are Christina Tondevold and Pam Harris.  I recently retired from education, but still have a passion for math and supporting future mathematicians!


My math journey started with one year of teaching before I chose to stay at home to raise my four kids.  Playtime was always related to math as my kids were doing puzzles, engineering buildings, playing music, constructing with legos, and counting toys.  In my spare time,  I was a math specialist for a homework hotline.  Later, when the kids went to school, I went back to teaching!  The past 15 years I have worked as a Middle School Math teacher, Gifted/Talented Coordinator, Universal Design for Learning Leader, and a Math Coach.  As an educator, I am on a mission to support parents as their child's first teacher.

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